Think like a champion thinks - Golf Meditation and Golf Affirmations

I was in control of my game down the final stretch as I watched the other players falter, I know that these downloads helped give me an edge!

I put these onto my iTunes--I put them on my phone, I think they are great because I can bring them with me wherever I go. Honestly they have made a difference. Good job!

I thought I was a pretty positive thinker but I realized I was beating myself up after a bad shot. I’ve learned how to start enjoying my game more and these CD’s have given my game a real boost.

I didn’t realize how poor my mental mindset was. I am putting soooo much better!

This was a great addition to my Mp3 player. They were great affirmations that I could apply to my game right away and I noticed immediate results. The best part I played great and had a lot more fun! Thank you!

I just laugh now listening to people on the golf course. They are so negative and are saying so many wrong things. I know I have become a better putter now--I just had to change ‘my’ thinking.

After I heard that even the LA Lakers used meditation to help them win, I figured it certainly can't hurt my game and I thought I would give it a try. I had read that many PGA players are starting to work on their minds also to give them a superior edge. My buddies have noticed I am playing much better already. Where have you been all of my life? Thanks--it's our secret!

I believe that any golfer can benefit from listening to this periodically. I got the most out of it by sitting in a comfortable chair in a darkened room and letting the music and Brenda's voice wash over me. The use of the first person helps the listener internalize his/her thoughts. Try to memorize key words or thoughts such as: "play to your strengths"; "visualize the shot at hand"; "trust"; "acceptance"; etc. Give this a try. It will help you!
Jim Manthis, PGA Master Professional, 2006 PGA Golf Professional of the Year, 2009 Professionals Hall of Fame

I listened to these before I played my match, there is no doubt they helped me win.

I wasn't convinced that they would be something that I would either be interested in or would help me. I can hit the ball a long way so why would I need to listen to these things? I listened to them in our car on our way up to my Aunt and Uncle's cabin in northern Minnesota, where we spend the week playing golf and swimming in the lake. The golf course we play is Golden Eagle GC, it is a beautiful and challenging track. The first round I played after listening to the affirmations, I had SIX BIRDIES and was amazed how great I played. I had never done that before and was absolutely thrilled! There were a couple of the affirmations that I kept saying to myself, especially after I started playing so well. Among other things, it woke me up to the fact of just how important it is to have your head in the right place if you want to do well. I will never forget it!

These are in my iPod before I play competitively all of the time now! They continually help me with my confidence. Now all I need are these affirmations and a deep breath.

I honestly have become a better, more focused golfer and I am not getting nervous like I used to. Thank you Master Golf Mind!

I was so yippy putting, I started listening to these and slowly my yips just went away. Having the yips is horrible. I am back to the good putter I used to be. I know these helped me.

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