Think like a champion thinks - Golf Meditation and Golf Affirmations

The reason we started this whole thing...

We don’t think there is anything else like this and we just couldn't find good affirmations that work and that I could relate to. So we decided to set them to great music and put them on a nice website that made it simple and easy to order. Just plug them in your iPod and watch the difference. We believe we have a great product that can make a huge difference in how you play golf. Often we believe that our poor play is the result of a poor swing or poor equipment and we spend a good deal of money buying equipment and then much of our time is spent adapting to it. Equipment and proper lessons can make a significant difference but often we are thinking negatively and are not aware of it. We give you some ideas of different things to focus on.
These audio affirmations are great because you can just plug them in your iPod and listen while you are going about your daily activities and are on the go. You can listen to them over and over. We have received great feedback from those who have used them, so we know that we have a good product.

Performance Coach

Chris Naylor, MA, is president of B.Better Success Coaching, LLC, in Wayzata, Minnesota. For the past 25 years, Chris has worked with a variety individuals and organizations in the fields of leadership development, management consulting, human resources, training, marketing, sports psychology, and health and wellness. Today, she combines all her life experience and years in business with her training and experience as a performance coach, speaker and author, working with organizations or individuals committed to personal development and success. In addition to her Advanced Coaching training and certification, she has a master's in Management and Human Resource Development, AND has worked on a Doctorate in Organizational Development and Leadership from the University of St. Thomas.
Chris is passionate about helping golfers architect their best game and reach new levels of success. She also offers coaching for business growth, career transition and life mastery with a focus on helping people find their purpose, live with passion and manifest or attract their best life. Her mission is to inspire and empower people to live magnificently as the fullest expression of their highest potential!

Creative Thinking

Brenda Williams is a graphic designer, photographer and avid golfer. Brenda has been playing golf since she was a child and is passionate about the beauty of the game, which shows in her photography and artwork. Brenda designed and created Master Golf Mind. She wanted to have success oriented affirmations on a soundtrack and was unable to find anything available that was affordable so she created her own soundtrack for her iPod. She then decided to make them available to everyone and had them professionally mastered and created this site with easy downloads, thus creating Master Golf Mind.

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