Think like a champion thinks - Golf Meditation and Golf Affirmations

Listen On Your iPad


These were designed specifically for golfers. Simply connect to iTunes, download and start playing better and feeling better about your game. This is one of the secrets to playing better golf. Just listen to these interesting golf affirmations before you play golf, while you are practicing or even while you are cooking or doing your daily activities. Put them in your iTunes and start to improve your game while you create positive imagery. You may be thinking negatively and not even be aware of it. These affirmations are combined with beautiful background music. It may be just one or two of the affirmations that may change your game and bring you to a whole new level. Lowering your handicap is tough but this could be one of the easiest way you will find to lower your handicap.

Get a golf edge. Bring your game to the next level with the help of Master Golf Mind. Play great golf by building confidence and improving your mental approach. You can make some fundamental changes to your thinking, with new focus, confidence, concentration and the ability to release fears. Many tour pros, college players and top amateurs understand the importance of working and improving their mental approach to this great game. More and more players are realizing the importance of positive imagery and affirmations.

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